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About  Gourmet Pops

Gourmet Popsicle also known as “Gourmet Pops” is a Frozen Snack and Dessert brand. Our focus is on All Natural Fruit Ice Popsicles and Gourmet Ice Cream Popsicles. We create a variety of delicious gourmet experiences, including Vegan and Dairy-Free Sorbet and Ice Cream. Our Fruits and Ice Cream Popsicles are Healthier as they have a lower Natural sugar content than commercial ice cream. 


Popsicles were invented in 1905 by an 11-year-old boy from San Francisco, California. The Ice Pops were born out of sheer accident but turned out to be a refreshing treat during childhood. About forty years later, in Mexico, 2 men were reported to have created a similar food product named Paletas. In lieu of continuing the original recipe of frozen soda on a stick, we’ve converted it into Gourmet Natural ingredients on a stick, that children and adults can enjoy together.

The Art Of Popsicles:

Our Team’s savoir-faire which originates from Switzerland, France, Africa, America and Asia; has led to the creation of a gourmet collection of finger foods made from delicious Fresh Fruits, Madagascar Vanilla, Swiss Chocolates and Dairy/Lactose-Free Plant-based milk options.

We do not use any Additives, Colorants or Food Chemicals. Our Pops are prepared using artisanal preparation methods and they truly made with love.


The first Gourmet Pops Shop opened its doors on the Tropical island of Mauritius whilst inspired by nature, diversity, people and good food. 


Our other Locations:

Saudi Arabia

South Africa (coming soon) 

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